How to be the CEO of Your Life and Law Firm

A step-by-step strategy to take success on your own terms, earn the money you deserve and love your life.

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CEO Coaching for Women in Law  

Business development gurus Jennifer Goddard and Wendy Witt team up to inspire, coach and empower you to achieve the law firm of your dreams. 

Join us for eight weeks of guidance, collaboration, inspiration, and empowerment with 24/7 access to an exclusive business strategy knowledge base and individual coaching in a group setting.  

2019 is your year! Create a career that supports your lifestyle, your freedom and your future. Earn the money you deserve without stress, frustration and burn-out ... or trying to act like someone you're not. Along the way, grow your power network with other amazing women who share your journey.  

Strategic Self-Awareness

Learn how to assess the health of your law firm and lifestyle ... from financial Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) to strategic alignment with your core values, to progress fulfilling your mission and vision. 

Play to Your Strengths

Discover how to leverage your strengths and those of your team members. Make better hiring and management decisions by understanding where your team is strong and in which areas you may need new talent. 

Your Exact Game Plan

High-achieving women in law follow a game plan. But there is no one-size-fits-all. Strategic coaching guides you to create your exact game plan to achieve the law firm and lifestyle of your dreams.

For Women, By Women

Wendy and Jennifer have coached thousands of attorneys to their dreams ... all while raising families, seeking balance, and confronting gender bias in their own careers. They are committed to helping you now.


Jennifer Goddard, MS Marketing & Practice Management Coach 

When I graduated journalism school, I was a starry-eyed reporter on a mission to save the world. I had no concept or concern for money. But when I was promoted a few years later to Managing Editor, I ran smack into the realities of running a business. Things I had taken for granted, like editorial staff, newsprint and even electricity, suddenly had a dollar value. I quickly saw there was no fairy godmother turning on the lights, that reporters would not write stories unless they got paid, and that newsprint did not just magically show up on the loading dock! 

Who knew?  

I also learned that those folks in the advertising department – the ones I had sort of looked down on as sales people – were actually the ones who kept the whole thing running. The contracts they signed and the relationships they nurtured paid the bills for all of us.  

I think attorneys sometimes feel the same way – their dedication to serving clients and seeking justice seems more important than making money. And I totally get that. But if we are not profitable in our work, the work cannot continue. 

And here’s another dirty secret: Even though I was given the job and title of Managing Editor, I was paid less than half the salary of the man I replaced in that job! 

As the primary breadwinner for my family, I did not want my kids paying the price for my financial naivete. So, I learned to make my own opportunities, hold my own in tough negotiations, and never shy away from the money talks. I discovered that money has no intrinsic value as good or evil. It is just a means to exchange value. When I value myself and the service I provide, I have no problem requiring a commensurate exchange. 

In 1995 I founded the legal marketing agency, Integrity Marketing Solutions, dedicated to helping attorneys grow and enjoy the law firm of their dreams. Together with my team, we have built a multi-million-dollar national agency, coaching and guiding attorneys to achieve their personal and financial goals. 

I have a Master of Science degree in Business Leadership, Strategy and Management from Michigan State University and a Bachelor's degree in Journalism from the University of Missouri-Columbia. I am committed to helping women like you achieve the law firm of your dreams and earn the money you deserve without feeling frustrated, overly stressed or like a “sell out.” If you want more abundance in your life, I want to help you find it!  

Wendy Witt, JD Law Business Strategist

I fell flat on my face. That’s what happened when I first hung out my shingle. We don’t learn this stuff in law school. Being a good lawyer and acting as the CEO of a successful law firm are not the same thing. I had worked on trusts and estates as large as $500 million, but that didn’t teach me a thing about the business of a law firm. Like me, highly effective lawyers often end up in frustration, unhappiness, and stress. My goal is to tilt our profession by helping attorneys act as a true CEO and build wildly successful law firms that give them the life they love. Throughout my career, I've helped more than 8,000 attorneys, just like you, build their businesses, take more time off, and love their firm – and life – more. And, yes, I’ve helped to create million-dollar law firms. Serving as a Law Firm Business Strategist and Attorney Success Coach, I help attorneys to think entrepreneurially, increase revenue, and build the law firm/life they love. My mission is to create happy, healthy, successful attorneys who love their clients, law firm, and life. Why? Because happy lawyers do more good in the world; and, I'm happier when I can be part of those good works. In the role of a senior executive, I served as the Director of Practice Development for a national attorney organization with 4,500 members and currently serve on the Practice Advisory Board for another national attorney organization. I practiced law for 15 years and am a cum laude graduate of The Dickinson School of Law and a summa cum laude graduate of Susquehanna University. I’ve taught for PBI, PBA, ACBA, attorney organizations, financial institutions, and universities. I write for the ABA’s newsletters, blogs, and magazines as well as for other attorney organizations. My forthcoming book, The Quick Start Guide to Legal Marketing: A Step-by-Step Blueprint for Getting More Clients, is being published by the American Bar Association and will be available in 2019. Knowing how to build a wildly successful law firm THAT GIVES YOU THE LIFE YOU WANT is a game changer. Today, I do just that. I help attorneys build law firms that give them the life they want. If you’d like my help becoming the CEO of your own wildly successful law firm while leveraging your time and giving you the freedom you desire, this is the program for you. To Your Success!  

With CEO Coaching You Will Finally

  • Create the law firm - and life - you love
  • Feel clear and confident 
  • Make more money  
  • Take more time off 
  • Be more effective with less frustration 
  • Have a greater impact in your community and your world 
  • Stop feeling awkward 
  • Eliminate cash flow crunches  


  • Do you have some months where revenue streams in … but you just can’t seem to maintain it? 
  • Do you see others commanding higher fees, with the exact clients and cases they want but fear that if you raise your fees or turn anyone away you won’t have any clients at all? 
  • Are you working way too hard in your practice – putting in too many late hours and weekends and still not making the money you deserve? 
  • Do you feel like there’s a glass ceiling on your income? 
  • Do you sometimes feel like you’ve lost touch with your purpose and wish you could have more joy in your work? 

If So, Then CEO Coaching is For You!